Las Mierdis con el Lápiz!!
Soy chilena! 17 años
;W; este es un blog donde subire dibujos diarios o weas express!! asdgakda cosas que me vengan a la cabeza o me pidan <33 Tambien tengo este Ask-Tumblr pasen a verlo ¡ASK RYAN Y BRYAN!
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Anónimo ha dicho: Holaa :3 podrias hacerme un noiz con la paleta n°23 porfis? QwQ dibujas hermosho

emm.. no me sale (?

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Artist: うに

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esto es demasiado hermoso para mi body.

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Anónimo ha dicho: te dibujarias ati con slender con la paleta 15 dsasdad(?

me dio paja

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Lo hice antes de que prestara mi tableta y jamas me la devolvieran uwu 
( sep  asi creo que me veo xD )

Zusu: mama osooooo!!!! te puedo dibujar desde ahora <3

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The Papers Transfer Game - 3kTeam

Obon Matsuri 2014 [Hanoi | Vietnam]


Oh god I’m giggling like mad

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One Piece 17th Anniversary: 6 - Relationships

So many interactions happen in One Piece, from deep friendships to venomous rivalry, from friends to enemies. And the most popular are those between the Straw Hats - their relationships are precious <3 But the one that’s most important to me is the sweet rivalry between the certain love cook and one hopeless lost marimo-head. I love these two! Yes, they are my OTP but I mainly ship them specifically because of their crazy relationship. From opening, movies, specials to regular anime episodes and fillers, Zoro and Sanji just can’t stop fighting. And I choose the anime version because I can see and hear them bickering and it just makes my day every time they interact. So I can’t really figure it out how can someone say “They hate each other!” I can talk all day long about them and how they deeply respect each other, despite all the conflicts they have. I ship them mainly because of their brother-like silly conflicts. It’s the mind of a fangirl/shipper that chooses to ship them deeply or not. ;)

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3’s a crowd
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For kuwarter.

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